How much does it cost to have my windows professionally cleaned?

Window cleaning prices vary from location to location. Factors include: how many windows you have, the types of windows that you would like cleaned, if you have bug screens or sunscreens, if you have a single story or 2 story home, if your windows are accessible only from the roof, blah, blah, blah. Is your head spinning faster that a ceiling fan? Let’s make this easy, because who doesn’t like EASY?!?  You can get a quick estimate by simply snapping a few photos of your house and emailing them to us. We will be back in touch with you before Fido or the kids can lick the windows again. Just click here for more details.

Does a professional window cleaning include the inside of my windows, or just the exterior?

We clean both. And, because we really want your windows to look great when we are done, we always clean your screens too! Our crew is trained to work carefully and safely on the interior of your home. That means your furnishings, floors and window treatments will be left just the way we found them. The only difference you’ll see is that your windows will GLOW!

Are your cleaning products safe?

All of our products are home-safe and biodegradable. We do not use any ammonia or alcohol-based solutions that could affect fabrics or flooring. We also use good ol’ fashioned elbow grease when necessary-and according to our parents-that never hurt anybody.

What about curtains, decorations, etc. do I need to take them down or move things?

While any assistance is welcome, it is not necessary. It does facilitate the process though and many customers do prefer to help out. Typically, our crew can work around almost everything in the house, even the occasional couch potato (no judging here)!

How often should I clean my windows?

YOU shouldn’t have to clean your windows-that’s why you’re on this site!  You should, however, leave the window cleaning to the professionals (and by that we mean Wash n Glow Window Cleaning). While we are happy to clean your windows once a year, most of our customers schedule us for twice a year or even on a quarterly basis.

Window Washing Questions and Answers Mesa Arizona

Does the weather affect the service?

Haboobs happen. Wash n Glow Window Cleaning works year-round. We clean in cold, snowy weather (just checking to see if you are really reading this!), as well as hot weather. Ok, let’s face it-it’s pretty much hot year-round! We also offer a 5 day rain warranty. If it rains, or a major haboob comes rolling in within 5 days of your service from Wash n Glow, we will come back out and wash the exterior windows again at no additional cost!

What’s with the pink logo?

We get asked this question All. The. Time.  Not really, but we are proud of our pink logo and shirts so this seemed like the perfect place to explain ourselves. Pink symbolizes care, joy and happiness and that is how the owners and staff of Wash n Glow Window Cleaning Service feel about building a relationship with our customers, winning their trust and making sure their windows sparkle and glow. As we like to say….

May your windows always be clean!

Is there something we neglected to answer? Ooops! - Just email us and we will respond quick as a flash (Not sure how quick a flash is? Neither are we, but we will get back to you soon!)